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Fájate's D'Prada Designs is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of medical surgical girdles, breast girdles, postpartum and daily use girdles for female and male lines. It is the number one brand in Colombia, recommended by specialists due to quality, durability and material comfort. We have national and international participation represented in more than 35 retail outlets, reflecting the seriousness, commitment and support that every business needs. At Fájate, we design and develop products according to market needs and with the highest standards of medical quality; guaranteeing comfort in each of our garments. We care about the satisfaction of our customers by applying our quality policy through innovation and continuous improvement. Fájate is certified in design, production and marketing of medical surgical, post-surgical, maternal, postpartum, orthopedic and everyday wear girdles. ISO 9001: 2008 We have an affordable product, whose quality and our service make a difference.


"We are a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of post-surgical, orthopedic, maternal, postpartum and daily wear girdles, in male and female lines. We work with materials of the highest quality, seeking continuous improvement of our products through research and development to obtain market leadership. Thanks to the efforts and commitment of our collaborators working to make a difference over our competitors; because we are a company with a strong social commitment and convinced of the importance of employment generation in our country".


"By 2018, we will be a company setting trends in the domestic market, design and marketing of girdle in male and female lines, generating greater recognition and acceptance of the brand. At the international level, we will be leaders in different countries, penetrating and opening new markets where the company has competitive advantages, expanding our coverage and positioning our brand through distribution contracts or franchises".

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